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Subject: Re: Uhaul Trailers
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Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 17:15:48 -0800
My experiences have been good. I've been told to not pull the car facing
forward on a two wheeler but to pull it backward. I am not clear on the
damage or wear it may cause but I pulled my car to a show when I was having
mechanical problems and several "old timers" said I was causing damage to
either the differential or transmission. (These guys looked like they knew
what they were talking about). The guy I went to the show with said he'd
towed his A thousands of miles facing forward on a two wheeler and has not
had problems (yet). Can someone clarify the potential damage caused?
59 MGA
73 T140
(not a good mechanic but I keep them running well enough to have a good

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Subject: Uhaul Trailers

> Listers,
>    I never thought that I would need this information but
> due to a RIF, I will be moving. (Yup, there really is a
> recession out there).  There was a thread recently about the
> Uhaul car trailers.  Could someone remind me of the
> outcome of the discussion ?  Are these trailers safe ?
> Do they receive the official "MG Mail List Okey Dokey" ?
> Are there better rental alternatives ?
>    Thanks,
>       Gene Balinski
>             80 B

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