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RE: Uhaul Trailers

Subject: RE: Uhaul Trailers
From: Eugene Balinski <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 20:27:33 -0400
   Yup, the towing thread.  Sorry about that. 
Geeze, it must almost be time for the annual spring
oil cooler thread.  Only kidding...

   I guess I was not clear in the original message. Stress 
and anxiety will sometimes do that.  The trailer that I 
was inquiring about is the auto transporter type.  This is a full 
platform with dual wheels and allows all four wheels 
of the vehicle in question to be off the ground.  They look
pretty nice in the photos (Uhaul web site) and when I have 
seen them on the road.  

   I was just inquiring if anyone had rented them from Uhaul, 
the condition of the equipment, and how well they towed.  
I need to do about 375 miles of mostly highway with some 
secondary roads...

   Comments ?

     Safety Fast,

        Gene Balinski

             80 B

At 05:32 PM 2/27/02 -0700, Larry Hoy wrote:
>Gawd, is this list weird or what ...
>Thanks Max .. I needed that.
>Larry Hoy
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