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RE: Uhaul Trailers

To: "'Max Heim'" <>, "'MG List'" <>
Subject: RE: Uhaul Trailers
From: "Larry Hoy" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2002 17:32:49 -0700
Gawd, is this list weird or what ...

Thanks Max .. I needed that.

Larry Hoy

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> Subject: Re: Uhaul Trailers
> (Oh boy oh boy! a towing thread!!)
> The following is The Wisdom of the List. Heed It Lest Ye Perish.
> I. When thou towest the MG with the rear wheels upon the 
> tarmac, thou shalt first removeth the driveshaft, lest thy 
> transmission be smitten.
> II. If thou attempteth to circumvent this law, by towing the 
> MG backwards, with the front wheels on the tarmac, be warned 
> that this path is only for those who follow the god Lugnut. 
> For it is written that this act is abominable in the sight of 
> the great gods Dunlop, and Rudge-Whitworth, and even the 
> foreign god Borrani, and shall merit swift retribution, and 
> thy knock-offs shall be forfeit, and thy wheels, yeay, even 
> unto utter perdition.

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