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Re: water pump

Subject: Re: water pump
From: "" <>
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 15:54:03 -0400
Thanks David.
Are their some "tricks" to getting one out or in besides what the workshop
manuals instruct?

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From: David Deutsch
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 02:21:16 -0400
Subject: Re: water pump

I just got a water pump from Moss this week and it is a very good quality
case iron pump.
David Deutsch
74 B Teal Blue
75 B Forest Green
77 B going to be Old English White
79 B Carmine Red
Son's 72 B, black, brit flag boot lid, also in the driveway

Good evening all.
I believe the water pump is starting to fail in the 79B. It has started
squealing some and could be the cause of my slight overheating problems for
the last month or so.
Someone mentioned a while back that the older cast, or steel, pumps will
a lot longer than the newer replacements. Might there be an older cast one
installed as original equipment on my 74 parts car? If so, is there any
modification needed to put it into the 79?
Thanks and smile, it's almost Friday!

          79B, Carmine
          67B, BRG
          74 1/2 Rust, parts car

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