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RE: water pump

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Subject: RE: water pump
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Date: Fri, 4 Oct 2002 19:10:56 -0400
Hey David, do ya think you might have the fan belt a bit too tight?  I've
had 'em on both the A and the B for a few years (3 and 2), no problems yet.
Just a thought.

Safety Fast!
Gordie Bird
62 MGA
80 MGB

> out. I disagree with the folks who say that the metal doesn't
> matter. I much
> prefer the cast iron I have had two aluminium housing water pumps break at
> the alternator mounting point. In fact I just broke a fan belt on my 75 B
> this afternoon and found the mount to on the water pump to be broken.
> Safety Fast,
> David Deutsch

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