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Re: MGB GT Emissions test

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Subject: Re: MGB GT Emissions test
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Date: Tue, 15 Oct 2002 13:48:35 +0100
No such luck in the UK although cars manufactured before 1st Jan 73 are
exempt from Road Tax currently UKP160 per year and classed as 'Historic'
vehicles.  However our cars are not limited as to when, how often or for
what they can be used, apart from any voluntary insurance restrictions one
may opt for, whereas I have heard that in some parts of the US 'antique' or
similar classification severely limits use.  As well as my tax free roadster
which I limit to 4k miles per year for an insurance cost of UKP150 or so I
have a 75 V8 which is officially owned by the company I own and hence is my
company car with full Business Use insurance at under UKP200, both of which
are a fraction of 'normal' car insurance rates.

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Subject: Re: MGB GT Emissions test

> Presently, in Illinois, the test for old cars is less stringent, but our
> are now considered collector cars, and are given a break. When my B was
> emission tested, there was no breaks. It now has an antique plate which
> exempts it from testing.

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