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Re: MGB GT Emissions test

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Subject: Re: MGB GT Emissions test
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Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2002 12:52:22 -0500
Presently, in Illinois, the test for old cars is less stringent, but our MGs
are now considered collector cars, and are given a break. When my B was
emission tested, there was no breaks. It now has an antique plate which
exempts it from testing.

Illinois used to run newer cars on a dynamometer, but the unskilled testers
damaged so many cars that the requirement has  changed. I have two late
model cars that don't need testing as yet, so I don't know the new rules.

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Subject: Re: MGB GT Emissions test

> If the tests are similar to the UK where the limits become progressively
> more stringent as the production year advanced then I can see why an early
> car will pass more easily than a later car.  The engines were basically
> same throughout, so the factory had to add more and more stuff to make
> pass, all of which can deteriorate or go wrong over the years, and it
> harder to achieve.  At the end the factory were having to test every car
> do things like disable vacuum advance on some cars to get them through.
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> Subject: MGB GT Emissions test
> > The first time I went through the Illinois emission test I started
> > excuses about my old car to the tester so that he would go easy. I
> > even get to the second sentence when he told me it had passed. This was
> 72
> > BGT without all the junk they put on later B's. I can't imagine that the
> > newer ones would have much trouble no matter what configuration of car.

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