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Re: Replacing floor boards and other things

To: Matthew Hale <>
Subject: Re: Replacing floor boards and other things
From: Don Malling <>
Date: Wed, 23 Oct 2002 22:32:58 -0400
I have the same question. How do I remove the old floor panels from the
cross member?

BTW, I have a 3 syncro 4 speed if you need one. 

I am also looking for '67 dash parts to convert a 68-74 BMH body shell
to a '67 dash. I could use a '67 body shell -- condition is not
important -- could be trash. I need the sheet metal in and around the

Don Malling  

Matthew Hale wrote:
> This might be long.
> I have been on the sidelines of this list for a few months and am ready
> to ask a few questions to more experienced individuals.  The floorboards
> in my 67 B are way beyond bad and I am going to replace them.  I have an
> angle grinder and have used this to successfully re-skin the doors and
> other parts, so I feel comfortable using this tool.  I am not sure how
> to remove the floor board from the cross member.  How does one go about
> removing bad parts welded to good parts and not damage the good parts?
> Any tips or links to useful website would be greatly appreciated.  I am
> going for a total restore and very close to complete originality (except
> for electrical polarity and stereo; tunes are crucial) and want this car
> to look and feel as if came from the factory.  That being said, I am
> reverting back to the 3 syncro transmission (I currently have a non od 4
> syncro from a 72, which will be for sale in a few weeks.  Any takers?)
> Is the engine/transmission mounting plate different between these two
> units?  And where can I find one for a 67?  I am also on the look out
> for a negative ground tachometer.  If any one has bought one, please let
> me know.  Moss list it, but does not stock it.  Sort of a kick in the
> pants!  Ok, that is enough for now.
> On a separate note...
> The whole discussion about what is a real MG has been pretty intriguing.
> You guys and gals are really passionate about your cars.  I feel pretty
> fortunate to actually own a piece of history and take part in its
> preservation.  Now for my soap box :-)  As a whole, we should take pride
> in all MGs because someone else see enough value in the previous
> iterations to emulate.  The new MGs may not be an exact replica of your
> MG, but it embodies the same qualities we love these cars for.  Sporty,
> British, practical to a point and a joy to those who own them.  And that
> is all that matters.
> Just my 2 cents.
> Matthew Hale
> 67 B (slowly coming back to life)
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