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Re: I don't know jack(ing)

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Subject: Re: I don't know jack(ing)
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Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 09:16:15 +0100
You jest, they are taking all the weight and force of that corner when
crashing over bumps!

I would never jack under the chassis rails, there is nothing for the jack to
'lock on' to unlike the rear edge of the cross-member and because the angles
and distances change as you raise the car you always get some movement and I
would hate that to turn into a major slippage.

Can't remember if this has been mentioned yet, but as always wherever you
jack it is only a prelude to placing axle stands before working underneath.

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> I would not personally jack under a spring pan, as I dont' think
> they're strong enough, and two out of my three Bs sat too low to get
> my jack under the crossmember. I'm partial to the chassis rails coming
> back from the engine bay, myself.

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