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Wire Wheels and my 67 MGB

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Subject: Wire Wheels and my 67 MGB
From: "F. J. MacFarlane" <>
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 20:46:20 -0600
I have recently discovered that I need to replace some wire wheels in the
near future.  I'd like to get the widest, tallest wheels possible so I can
use lower profile tires than those skinny 80-series radials on there now.
More tire contact patch = better handling and easier availability.  I
understand the OE wheels (which I have on the car now I believe) are 14" by
4.5".  I also understand that 14" by 5.5" wire wheels are available, as well
as 15" by 5.5" with the same mounting system.  I don't know if 15 by 5.5"
wheels and tires will fit and not foul out on some part of the vehicle
structure.  So, wise Jedi Knights of MoWoG, what is the widest/tallest
reasonably available wire wheel that fits my 1967 MGB?  Thanks much.

F. J. (Lane) MacFarlane
Houston, TX

1967 MGB, wire wheel challenged
1982 Plymouth Turismo 2.2 L 98 kmi
1985 Plymouth Voyager 2.6 L 144 kmi
1994 Plymouth Voyager 3.3 L 121 kmi
unapologetic PO 1967 English Ford Anglia 123E (RIP)

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