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RE: Wire Wheels and my 67 MGB

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Subject: RE: Wire Wheels and my 67 MGB
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 09:27:55 -0800

I tend to be conservative, as I've struggled with tire interference for many

The 185/70 14" tire is readily available, and that mounted on a 14" X 5.5"
wheel should not cause interference, and will give the correct gearing.  The
contact patch is about as wide as you can fit without running into one or
another of the rear fender outer lips under hard cornering.

The 5.5" wheel tends to be pricey, as it is a non-stock application.  I've
always wanted a set of painted 14 X 5.5 wheels for my race car to get the
period factory look, but havn't had the spare bucks.

IMHO 195/60 14 tires are too short and do not fill the wheel well fore and
aft esthetically, and they do tend to rub.  I ran them for many years, but
now prefer the filled up wheel well look of the 185/70 tires.  The extra
width of the 195/60 doesn't do much for handling when you can't go fast
round corners because the tires rub.

15" wheels are readily available, and are competitively priced.  The MGC
wheel is 5" and has a negative offset that I've never taken to.  The
available 5.5" wheels may cause rubbing problems depending on the type of
tire fitted.

I have run a 195/60 15 tires on the knockoff minilites on my '65 and they
did rub on hard corners with a lowered suspension.  The tire is also too
tall for correct gearing, but boy did it look good.

The 185/65 15 may solve all the problems, and I'm interested to hear from
anyone who is running them.

hope this is helpful.


> I have recently discovered that I need to replace some wire 
> wheels in the
> near future.  I'd like to get the widest, tallest wheels 
> possible so I can
> use lower profile tires than those skinny 80-series radials 
> on there now.
> More tire contact patch = better handling and easier availability.  I
> understand the OE wheels (which I have on the car now I 
> believe) are 14" by
> 4.5".  I also understand that 14" by 5.5" wire wheels are 
> available, as well
> as 15" by 5.5" with the same mounting system.  I don't know 
> if 15 by 5.5"
> wheels and tires will fit and not foul out on some part of the vehicle
> structure.  So, wise Jedi Knights of MoWoG, what is the widest/tallest
> reasonably available wire wheel that fits my 1967 MGB?  Thanks much.
> F. J. (Lane) MacFarlane
> Houston, TX

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