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Re: Wire Wheels and my 67 MGB

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Subject: Re: Wire Wheels and my 67 MGB
From: "F. J. MacFarlane" <>
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 18:25:52 -0600
Anyone have info on the below combination (185/65 R 15, 5.5" wide wheels I
suspect...true statement Kelvin?) and body/suspension interference?

I'm seeking knowledge to make the cost trades so I can get the best handling
possible while keeping wire wheels.  Given what I saw today at my tire
place, both the tires (torn up beads due to lots of mount/dismount cycles to
patch CHEAP tubes, even though the tread is still OK) and the wheels (signs
of ongoing inside rust!) on the MG now will need replacing in the next year
or two spend a lot now for stock performance, or spend some more
and get better performance...that's the trade.  I like the 15" by 5.5" TR6
wheel option, except for the cost, and the potential for fouling the body or
suspension. If the fouling problem is manageable, and the improvement is
significant, then the cost is acceptable to me.

This was exactly the discussion I was looking for.  Even though I didn't
quite know how to state the problem, you folks knew what I was after.  Many
thanks to all who've replied to date.  This is one of the most informative
auto lists around, due to kind folks like you that actually reply to newbies
like me.

F. J. MacFarlane
Houston, TX

FYI...We run 195/50R15's on my son's 1982 Plymouth Turismo.  Excellent
handling for a small FWD application.  It started life with 195/60R14
Firestone HPR's, and base stock was 13" wheels with some skinny 75 series
rubber (ahhrgh!). The 14" wheels and tires were OK, but the 15" combo is
really great.

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From: "Dodd, Kelvin"
> Lane:
> I tend to be conservative, as I've struggled with tire interference for
> years.

The 185/65 15 may solve all the problems, and I'm interested to hear from
> anyone who is running them.

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