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Re: Wire Wheels and my 67 MGB

Subject: Re: Wire Wheels and my 67 MGB
Date: Wed, 6 Nov 2002 12:59:28 EST
In a message dated 06/11/02 9:48:27 AM Pacific Standard Time, Kelvin writes:

> The 5.5" wheel tends to be pricey, as it is a non-stock application.  I've
> always wanted a set of painted 14 X 5.5 wheels for my race car to get the
> period factory look, but havn't had the spare bucks.

Non-stock, but factory optional. I sold a set of these on a TR-3 I had - with 
196 x 60 tires on them.

> 15" wheels are readily available, and are competitively priced.  The MGC
> wheel is 5" and has a negative offset that I've never taken to.  The
> available 5.5" wheels may cause rubbing problems depending on the type of
> tire fitted.

I use TR-6 5.5" wheels on our MGC with 185 x 70 tires with no problems.


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