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Valve clearances? (Beginner)

Subject: Valve clearances? (Beginner)
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 09:14:37 +0100
Dear MG List,

A while ago I've verified the flow through my SU's. What I've
found out is that there was a "huge" difference in flow through
the front and rear carburettor. After reading a lot it became
clear to me that before adjusting the SU's I should check other
things like distributor, compression, valve clearances first.

(Because I'm a beginner I've started with verifying instead of

Last weekend I've checked the valve clearances and found the
following values:

Valve 1: 0.015 (Front of the engine)
Valve 2: 0.011
Valve 3: 0.013 / 0.014
Valve 4: 0.021 / 0.022
Valve 5: 0.012
Valve 6: 0.019
Valve 7: 0.010 / 0.011
Valve 8: 0.013 / 0.014

The manual states "0.015 " as the desired value. Unfortunately
I haven't found anything about tolerances. What about the values
I've found?

Thanks in advance,

Best regards,

Menno Meijer ('63 MGB)

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