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Re: Valve clearances? (Beginner)

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Subject: Re: Valve clearances? (Beginner)
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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 12:42:37 -0000
Always check/adjust valves, plugs, points/dwell and timing and ensure that
HT leads, coil, dizzie cap, rotor etc are sound before adjusting the carbs -
"90% of SU carb problems are in the electrics".

Personally I use .014 for a go and .016 for no go, with the engine cold.
When in the cycle are you checking the clearances?  The usual advice is to
take the plugs out and turn the engine using the fan-belt and fan or nudging
it along in 4th gear.  Watch for whichever valve goes down and when it is at
the bottom adjust its 'nine's complement' i.e. if 4 is down adjust 5, if 3
is down adjust 6 etc.  However I have found that some of mine are still
changing at that point which makes it difficult to get repeatable
clearances, so I turn the engine back or fore a little until I find the
point of greatest clearance and check/adjust there.

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Subject: Valve clearances? (Beginner)

> Dear MG List,
> A while ago I've verified the flow through my SU's. What I've
> found out is that there was a "huge" difference in flow through
> the front and rear carburettor. After reading a lot it became
> clear to me that before adjusting the SU's I should check other
> things like distributor, compression, valve clearances first.
> Last weekend I've checked the valve clearances and found the
> following values:
> Valve 1: 0.015 (Front of the engine)
> ...

> The manual states "0.015 " as the desired value. Unfortunately
> I haven't found anything about tolerances. What about the values
> I've found?

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