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RE: Valve clearances? (Beginner)

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Subject: RE: Valve clearances? (Beginner)
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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 08:02:47 -0800

        The thing to watch for in an early (non-smog) MGB head is exhaust
valve seat regression.  If the exhaust valves continually need to be
tightened, it is evidence of the seats eroding away.  If your readings
showed all of the exhaust valves tight, then this is something to worry
about, but from your readings it looks like the intakes and exhausts are all
over the place.

        Go ahead and set the valves to the correct clearances.  There is no
tolerance given, as reading the feeler gauges is more of an art than a
science.  The valves should be set to specification.  The rule of thumb is
that it is allowable for them to be a bit loose, but never too tight.   

all the best

Kelvin Dodd

> (Because I'm a beginner I've started with verifying instead of
> adjusting)
> Last weekend I've checked the valve clearances and found the
> following values:
> Valve 1: 0.015 (Front of the engine)  Exhaust
> Valve 2: 0.011                                        Intake
> Valve 3: 0.013 / 0.014                        Intake  
> Valve 4: 0.021 / 0.022                        Exhaust
> Valve 5: 0.012                                        Exhaust
> Valve 6: 0.019                                        Intake
> Valve 7: 0.010 / 0.011                        Intake
> Valve 8: 0.013 / 0.014                        Exhaust
> The manual states "0.015 " as the desired value. Unfortunately
> I haven't found anything about tolerances. What about the values
> I've found?
> Menno Meijer ('63 MGB)

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