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RE: Valve clearances? (Beginner)

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Subject: RE: Valve clearances? (Beginner)
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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 09:36:06 -0800
Oops, politely pointed out. 

        If the exhaust valves are repeatedly tight, and need to be
continually loosened it is evidence of valve recession.

Thank you Lawrie.  You'd think I'd get it right after keeping non-lead
Austins' on the road for so long.  I had a garage full of heads with eroded

        Time to go back to sleep.


>> Menno:
>       The thing to watch for in an early (non-smog) MGB head 
> is exhaust valve seat regression.  If the exhaust valves 
> continually need to be tightened, it is evidence of the seats 
> eroding away.  If your readings showed all of the exhaust 
> valves tight, then this is something to worry about, but from 
> your readings it looks like the intakes and exhausts are all 
> over the place.

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