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Fuel pump problems?

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Subject: Fuel pump problems?
From: joseph cianciotti <>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 17:54:01 -0500
When I started the B this morning there was no familiar "click-click" from
the fuel pump. But the car started well and off I went. However on my way
home, the car started hesitating like it was running out of gas and, in
fact, died. After cranking, though, it started right up. It hesitated a
couple of other times and even died again. But after a bit of cranking, it
restarted and I was able to get home.

When I got home I checked to make sure the pump was getting electricity and
yes it was. I even turned the fuel pump off so the carbs would run dry. When
I turned the pump on, my clear fuel filter filled with gas. But the pump
only clicked on one occasion. But the engine never died on its own.

It's not freezing here (yet). And I add gas treatment to every other tank,
so I doubt there's water in the gas. But I'd hate to replace the pump and
later find that all I needed was a bottle of dry gas.

Is the pump on its way out? Is there another way I should check it? Could
there be another cause?

And if I do need to replace the filter. I notice that Moss has positive and
negative ground pumps. I converted my B to negative ground. Which one should
I get? (Right now, I've got a positive ground pump it there.)

Thanks in advance,

67B Roadster

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