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Re: Fuel pump problems?

Subject: Re: Fuel pump problems?
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 10:45:42 -0500
   Since you do not know the actual age of the pump, it would be prudent
to buy a new one and to rebuild this one as a spare. You said its
performance was sketch even though it passed the delivery test.  These
pumps work for a long time, get dodgy, then die.  If you have doubts
about it, just get a new one.  
   Electronic pumps are said to be superior. I dunno--if they die you're
stranded. If the old mechanical type dies, you can usually coax it into
performing for a while and then, when it quits permanently, you can pump
the thing by pulling a string attached to the armature. 
  You asked if there could be something else causing this--well, yes,
there could be. There might be sediment in the pump's internal filter, or
sediment at the tank pickup, or a plugged fuel line to the pump.   You
have been using alcohol at every other fillup, you said, so it is not
likely that there is water in the tank, and even so the pump will pump
water as well as it pumps gasoline.
   One of our listers notes something to the effect that "just because
you found one problem doesnt' mean that you found  The problem"    That
might apply here.

On Thu, 21 Nov 2002 15:17:27 -0500 joseph cianciotti
<> writes:
> Nope. Basically turned the battery around and rehooked the wires. (of 
> course there was more involved than that) In fact I now have a red
> wire from the battery, which is semi-confusing when you go to
jump-start the 
> car.
> The pump is probably pretty old. It was in the car when I bought it 
> six years ago. The fuel filter is newish (a couple of months old) and 
> the electricity checks out. Since this pump isn't ticking like it once 
> did. and its performance is sketchy, even if it passed the delivery
> wouldn't it be prudent just to replace it?
> Which leads me to my next question, should I get the old-style pump 
> or one of those solid state ones?
> And finally, is there anything else, like a carb problem, that could 
> be causing this? Hate to replace anything if all I need is a can of Gum

> Out.
> Thanks to all,
> Joseph 
> 67 B Roadster
> on 11/21/02 8:55 AM, Bob Howard at wrote:
> > Joe,
> > You can test the delivery at the carbs by disconnecting fuel line 
> there and turning on ignition. In the worshop manual is a specification

> for delivery rate, but if the thing pumps regularly and quickly into 
> the can you are holding, you can assume that it is doing its job.  Be 
> careful not to spark the gas, etc, etc  (CYA wording)
> > How old is this pump?  You can count on 70,000 trouble-free miles,
> > after which the pump may reveal its age.    How old is the filter? 
> Might it be plugged?
> > In the neg earth MGB you could most easily use a neg-earth pump.
> > Check the book, though, since the earlier (that's non-specific but 
> true) pumps are not polarity sensitive.  The electronic ones are 
> sensitive, however, and those with transistors/diodes are sensitive
> Did you rig an alternative wiring setup to the existing pump when you 
> changed the car to neg earth?
> > Bob
> > 
> > 
> > On Wed, 20 Nov 2002 17:54:01 -0500 joseph cianciotti
> > <> writes:
> >> When I started the B this morning there was no familiar 
> "click-click" from the fuel pump. But the car started well and off I
went. However 
> on my way home, the car started hesitating like it was running out of
> and,in fact, died. After cranking, though, it started right up. It
> >> hesitated a couple of other times and even died again. But after a
bit of
> >> cranking, it restarted and I was able to get home.
> >> 
> >> When I got home I checked to make sure the pump was getting
> >> electricity and yes it was. I even turned the fuel pump off so the
carbs would 
> run dry. When I turned the pump on, my clear fuel filter filled with
gas. But 
> the pump only clicked on one occasion. But the engine never died on its

> own. 
> >> It's not freezing here (yet). And I add gas treatment to every 
> other tank,so I doubt there's water in the gas. But I'd hate to replace
> >> pump and later find that all I needed was a bottle of dry gas.
> >> 
> >> Is the pump on its way out? Is there another way I should check  it?
> >> Could there be another cause?
> >> 
> >> And if I do need to replace the filter. I notice that Moss has
> >> positive and negative ground pumps. I converted my B to negative
ground. Which
> >> one should I get? (Right now, I've got a positive ground pump it
> >> 
> >> Thanks in advance,
> >> 
> >> Joseph
> >> 67B Roadster

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