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Re: rebuilding SU's

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Subject: Re: rebuilding SU's
From: "MonteMorris" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 17:56:25 -0600
Thanks Kelvin. Do you know of a source for a reamer that would be long
enough to ream out both the bushings for the standard throttle shaft?

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Subject: RE: rebuilding SU's

> Monte:
> Any time you press a bushing into an interference fit hole, there will be
> some compression of the inner diameter.  Good machining practice is to
> always ream out the ID of any bushing after installation to ensure
> tolerance.
> The ID must be accurate!  The only way to ensure accuracy is to run a ream
> of the correct size through the bushing pair.  This also ensures that they
> are in accurate alignment.
> This is the difference between correctly rebuilding a component, and
> one together.  In many cases codged parts work ok, but may end up with
> binding or uneven working reistance.
> Kelvin.
> >     2. If you did use these bushings, did they have to be
> > reamed internally
> > for the Moss STANDARD throttle shafts? The internal diameter
> > SHOULD be the
> > same as the supplied shafts, but according the  "Are You
> > Rebuilding Your
> > Carburetor" insert on page 77 of the newest Moss catalog
> > (which says "press in
> > the new ones and drill and ream them to fit the new throttle
> > shaft"),  I'm
> > interpreting this to mean they need to be re-reamed for the
> > standard shafts to
> > fit. This really doesn't make sense to me so can someone enlighten me?

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