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Re: Rear fender question

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Subject: Re: Rear fender question
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Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 13:18:49 -0000
The top edge is welded to the bottom of the upper part of the wing from the
outside, under where the trim strip will go.  Down the B-post from the
outside, light panel from the outside or inside the boot, the 'hull' under
the light from inside the boot to leave the join visible, and to the boot
panel behind the wheel, wheel arch and sill from underneath i.e. also

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> I'm not sure how you weld it into place however. I had a body shop do
> that part for me, but I was pondering exactly how they did it. With the
> wheel well being the way it is, do you remove the top section to weld the
> bottom section on?

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