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Re: Harbor Freight problems

To: Paul Root <>, MG list <>
Subject: Re: Harbor Freight problems
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 02:24:27 -0600
At 04:43 PM 12/11/02 -0600, Paul Root wrote:
>.... my shipment arrived. ....
>.... We were unable to access the invoice online.  And could talk to no human.
>     It was shipped UPS. The label on the side says 11/26 but when you go 
> to ups and look up the tracking number, UPS didn't scan it until 12/9. 
> Strange.

For sure the shipping lable is applied when it's packaged, and it might 
even be printed when the order is entered, long before packaging.  Batch 
processing of shipments is common.  If they wait until they fill a UPS 
truck trailer they get better discounts on the shipping rates.  A UPS 
tractor will pick up the loaded trailer, usually at a fixed time of day, 
usually not more often than once a day (ulless there is a huge volume), and 
maybe not even daily depending on how many loads per week (or month).  Then 
the full trailer goes to the nearest UPS depot where it is unloaded and 
scanned for the first time by UPS, always within hours of ariving at the 
depot.  The largest part of the delay you are encountering will be the time 
between when your order is received by H.F. and when the trailer departs 
from their premisis.

>Plus the shipping label reads Dillon, SC, but the UPS scan is Addison, Il. 
>Could it be that they fill a bunch of orders and wait to fill up a truck 
>or container or something and get  it themselves to a bigger UPS 
>distribution center? And, if so, for UPS, wouldn't Mephis be a better choice?

To reduce shipping charges it is common to ship from a supplier's 
distribution center which is closest to the customer destination.  There is 
a fairly new H.F. center in Aurora, Illinois (12 miles west of Naperville), 
and the nearest UPS depot to that is probably Addison, Illinois (13 miles 
north-east of Naperville), both locations easily connected via 
expressway.  I wouldn't be surprised if every shipping lable is printed 
with the company home address, or the address where they might want to 
direct any returns or undeliverable packages.

>I think, I'll be going to N.E. MPLS in the future.

Good idea.  Now that there is a H.F. facility new me, I will also likely 
buy in person rather than via mail order.

Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

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