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Subject: de-chroming
From: "MonteMorris" <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 18:11:03 -0600
I'm getting ready for a paint job on the 79B after Christmas. I told the shop
that I would take all the chrome and the windshield off before I bring it in;
I'm sure it will be a COLD, eight mile drive without a top and windshield in
January in Missouri!. Also taking the driver side window and mechanism out so
he can weld in a piece to fix the "crack of doom".
The paint man also suggested re-welding the upper trunk lid prop bracket clear
across the bracket to support the boot lid better (the lid is cracked slightly
there and is "flimsy"). I have slight bubbling of paint in the dogleg area so
he will be putting in new Moss doglegs. That is the only rust that I'm
familiar with on, or in, the car. He is taking the body down to bare metal.
I have the Porter and Haynes manuals' instructions for removing all the chrome
and the complete windshield but are their any extra "tips" from those of you
that have gone through this? Has anyone removed the whole windshield without
taking out the dash?

          79B, Carmine
          67B, BRG
          74 1/2 Rust, parts car

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