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Re: de-chroming

Subject: Re: de-chroming
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2002 09:32:41 -0500
   Since you are going to all that effort, pull out the seats and carpets
so he can spray the inside of the car.  I did this job once, to my '75,
leaving only the dash and steering column. It was not necessary to remove
the dash to get at the windshield bolts. I helped install a windshield in
a 1980 with its dash in place, so the job can be done.  
   Removing the windscreen is pretty much as described. Getting it
reinstalled bears a resemblance to the description, but the task isn't as
easy as it sounds in the book.  Were I doing it again, I would label each
bolt and washer for the hole from which it came.  Worst part of the
reinstallation for me was getting the pieces seemingly aligned, only to
find that a bolt was buggered or the original hole was cross threaded up
there in the shadows where there is space for a finger or light but not
both.  I would hope that a bolt would be more nearly a fit in a hole from
which it came than into another hole.  When you are doing this, the
windshield is being lifted by the rubber strip at the bottom that is
trying to regain a coiled shape and lifting the windshield as it does.
You have to hold down, back, in, out, up, left, right, etc and then get
the bolts in.  Have at least two helpers for the task if you haven't done
this before and check that they do not have their belt buckles at the
front of their pants where they can touch fresh paint.

Has anyone removed the whole windshield 
> without taking out the dash?
> Thanks,
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