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Subject: Re: help with a question to all
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Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 16:06:46 -0400
Your engine is probably ok as long as you havent ovrheated it. Reving up to
the maximum isnt the greatest way to keep the engine in normal operating
condition but as long as you dont hear any strange noided like a can of
marbles or deep knocking I would think your engine is ok. There are 2 types
of water engine plugs for mg engines that I am aware of. One is sort of
shaped like a bottle cap, and the other is got a convexed rve and is a
little smaller then the diameter of thehole in he block it is being
installed in. You have to mash it in. this is done by using a ball peen
hammer with the round side placed in teh middle of the plug caving the
middle in alittle untile it makes the plug expand into the block diameter.
There is another alternative, you can buy an expandable plug from napa its a
big piece of rubber that expands in the engine block by turning the nut in
the middle of the plug. Hope this helps
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Subject: help with a question to all

> I recently rebuilt the motor on my 73 mgb. Have now 1002 miles since the
> rebuild. A friend attempted to drive the car and thought the gas pepal was
> brake. Had the motor floored. for abouthalf a minute before I was able to
get her
> to shut down the car. Women proceded to do it again though much briefer I
> think that she possibly red lined the motor.  This some how blew out the
> plug in the block draining all the coolant. i am able to start the car.
> does one relpace the freeze plug and get it to stay in place. Have I
> damaged the motor.
> m block

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