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Re: help with a question to all

Subject: Re: help with a question to all
From: Eric <>
Date: Tue, 12 Oct 2004 07:59:47 +1030 wrote:
> A friend attempted to drive the car and thought the gas pepal was the
> brake. Had the motor floored. for abouthalf a minute before I was able to get 
> to shut down the car. Women proceded to do it again though much briefer I
> think that she possibly red lined the motor.  

Hmmmmmmmmmm nope - I am not going to comment on your friends because you
weren't asking about them (but if they keep doing this I would consider
rebuilding THEM :-)

Now, 1000 miles since the rebuild means the egeine is settled and
comfortable so that shouldn't be an issue.

Unless you actually hear or feel something wrong (like banginging or
knocking or rattling) then I wouldn't be concerned.  Yes, if you listen
hard enough you will hear all sorts of noises - so don't listen too hard
- if she is broken, she will let you know.

Trust me, I probably treat my engine more harshly than that on a regular
basis.  They are as tough as old British iron!

Adelaide, South Australia

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