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Subject: Re:help with a question to all
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 2004 09:24:53 EDT
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Hmmmmmmmmmm nope - I am not going to comment on your friends because  you
weren't asking about them (but if they keep doing this I would  consider
rebuilding THEM :-)


You'd have to be deaf to do that and not notice, however I don't see how  
anyone could have the accelerator to the floor for "about half a minute" 
topping out whatever gear they were in and then riding it at redline, which  
makes them both deaf and......well, let's just say I doubt they could be the  
brightest bulb in that particular chandelier. 
Maybe it's time to stop using the old MG to give joyrides down at the  
And Paul said: "Revving the engine till you get valve-bounce is known as an  
Italian or Asian tuneup depending on where in the world you live."
Well not exactly, Paul.
Most of the Japanese and many Italian cars will not achieve valve bounce  
(well, OK, maybe once, briefly...) as they are OHC engines. The Italian tune-up 
was simply running the car up _near_ but not over redline to clean the crap 
out  of it that accumulated from overly sedate driving.
I remember test driving a Jensen Interceptor convertible once, that the  lady 
who owned it had probably never had above 3000 rpm. When I took it out and  
really booted it (oh my goodness - 5000 RPM!), it belched out so much black  
smoke (presumably consisting of the thick layer of carbon on the tops of the  
pistons) that the guy behind us couldn't see, or maybe thought he was under  
attack by some nefarious British weapon of mass distraction and pulled to the  
side of the road.
The owner protested in shrill manner, becoming positively strident when the  
aftermarket cruise control promptly jammed at the full throttle setting a 
couple  of seconds later, but that's another story.

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