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Re: Penetrating oil

To: Barrie Robinson <>,
Subject: Re: Penetrating oil
From: Don Malling <>
Date: Mon, 02 May 2005 09:49:10 -0400
One Liter cans -- liquid -- not spray cans.

You're probably right. I paid too much. But I figured if Dinitrol 3125 was as 
good as everyone said, 
a few extra $ for rust proof sills was no biggy.

I could use used motor oil every year. I bet it works fine until it runs off, 

Don Malling

Barrie Robinson wrote:
> Don,
> As I said in my previous email one cannot buy Dinol/Dinitrol for cars in 
> the US - at least they do not cater for automobiles - just aircraft.  
> They will sell you stuff and I was told AV-30 was a close as I could get 
> to an automobile goop.  So you would not have had any luck sourcing it 
> in he US !!!   You are lucky you can get it in the UK but my god 10 cans 
> at 8.5 quid a piece seems steep - What size cans?  I paid the equivalent 
> of 56.3 quid for 12 spray cans of 13.5oz AV-30

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