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Re: Penetrating oil

To: Don Malling <>,
Subject: Re: Penetrating oil
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Sat, 30 Apr 2005 14:32:46 -0700

Dinol/ Dinitrol for cars is not sold in Canada - except AV-30 in spray cans 
- and then you have to buy a case of 12 -  Oh yes and they do have 19 litre 
cans !!!   What is 3125 specified for?  I know they use Dinol in the UK for 
cars but when I spoke to the US chap he said Americans were not interested 
in quality just price so they only sell to the aircraft industry - and 
AV-30 was as close he could advise to do cars

At 10:41 AM 4/30/2005, Don Malling wrote:

>Hi Paul,
>What is your opinion of Dinitrol 3125?
>Don Malling
>Paul Hunt wrote:
>>I've used Waxoyl for the sills and other box sections, but it does need to
>>be thinned to liquid and/or sprayed on a hot day or it will stick where it
>>hits and not run, that is if you can even get a spray out of the gun.  But
>>even several days or weeks after spraying, getting some decent sunshine onto
>>the panel, will liquidise it and cause it to drip out of the drain holes.
>>Needn't worry too much about getting to the tops of the box sections as they
>>usually rot through at the bottom, but thin/hot enough to spray and using
>>the purpose-made cavity adapter (a long plastic tube with a nail stuffed in
>>the open end) will reach anyway.  I have used clean engine oil at the front
>>and rear sections of the sill where they are behind the front and rear wing
>>cover panels as the gap is so narrow that Waxoyl tends to bridge the gap and
>>not run down adequately, even in hot sunshine.  Others have talked of
>>sealing up all the drain holes and pouring clean engine oil in the top to
>>fill the sills (don't forget there is an inner and an outer cavity) then
>>draining it out.  This can be reused in other cavities (probably not the
>>engine or gearbox!) unless it has flushed out a load of water.

Barrie Robinson
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