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Re: Penetrating oil

To: "Paul Hunt" <>,
Subject: Re: Penetrating oil
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Wed, 04 May 2005 09:19:04 -0700

I bought some cheap stuff from Car Quest and its formulation is probably 
the same as Waxoyl (not Dinol/Dinitrol as they do not seem to use 
wax???).  I poured it into my sills with great difficulty even after 
standing it in a hot bath!   So I tried a bit mixed with thinners (mineral 
spirits),  It got runny and so I tested on a piece of metal.  There seems 
to be no difference between the thinned and non-thinned.  The stuff just 
sits there, does not dry, and ignores water.  It forms a sort of soft 
greasy film.  However, it quickly dissolves in soap.  So I am going to mix 
a batch and pour into my sills.  Incidentally,  I put in one US gallon and 
only got 1/2 gallon out though the drain hole !!!!

At 04:29 AM 5/4/2005, Paul Hunt wrote:
>Hi Don,
>Not used it myself but I think I recall reading that it does flow better
>than Waxoyl.  But in my experience Waxoyl doesn't flow at all one sprayed,
>just sticks to whatever it hits, unless what it hits is hot to the touch.
>However getting some warm sunshine onto the panel then liquidises it and I'd
>expect it to flow as well as anything in its truly liquid state.  The
>exception being the deep but narrow spaces between the sills and front and
>rear wing panel cover panels, with those it is asking too much for the
>Waxoyl to run down and adequately cover both panels, which is why I use
>engine oil there.  I think its 'reflowing' capability is fine for seams
>elsewhere.  Even with Dinitrol, unless you fill up those narrow cavities and
>then drain out the excess, I'd be surprised if it fully covered both faces.
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> > Hi Paul,
> >
> > What is your opinion of Dinitrol 3125?
> >
> > Don Malling
> >
> > Paul Hunt wrote:
> > > I've used Waxoyl for the sills and other box sections, but it does need
> > > be thinned to liquid and/or sprayed on a hot day or it will stick where
> > > hits and not run, that is if you can even get a spray out of the gun.
> > > even several days or weeks after spraying, getting some decent sunshine
> > > the panel, will liquidise it and cause it to drip out of the drain
> > > Needn't worry too much about getting to the tops of the box sections as
> > > usually rot through at the bottom, but thin/hot enough to spray and
> > > the purpose-made cavity adapter (a long plastic tube with a nail stuffed
> > > the open end) will reach anyway.  I have used clean engine oil at the
> > > and rear sections of the sill where they are behind the front and rear
> > > cover panels as the gap is so narrow that Waxoyl tends to bridge the gap
> > > not run down adequately, even in hot sunshine.  Others have talked of
> > > sealing up all the drain holes and pouring clean engine oil in the top
> > > fill the sills (don't forget there is an inner and an outer cavity) then
> > > draining it out.  This can be reused in other cavities (probably not the
> > > engine or gearbox!) unless it has flushed out a load of water.
> > >
> > > PaulH.
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