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Re: Penetrating oil

To: "Don Malling" <>
Subject: Re: Penetrating oil
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 12:29:11 +0100
Hi Don,

Not used it myself but I think I recall reading that it does flow better
than Waxoyl.  But in my experience Waxoyl doesn't flow at all one sprayed,
just sticks to whatever it hits, unless what it hits is hot to the touch.
However getting some warm sunshine onto the panel then liquidises it and I'd
expect it to flow as well as anything in its truly liquid state.  The
exception being the deep but narrow spaces between the sills and front and
rear wing panel cover panels, with those it is asking too much for the
Waxoyl to run down and adequately cover both panels, which is why I use
engine oil there.  I think its 'reflowing' capability is fine for seams
elsewhere.  Even with Dinitrol, unless you fill up those narrow cavities and
then drain out the excess, I'd be surprised if it fully covered both faces.


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> Hi Paul,
> What is your opinion of Dinitrol 3125?
> Don Malling
> Paul Hunt wrote:
> > I've used Waxoyl for the sills and other box sections, but it does need
> > be thinned to liquid and/or sprayed on a hot day or it will stick where
> > hits and not run, that is if you can even get a spray out of the gun.
> > even several days or weeks after spraying, getting some decent sunshine
> > the panel, will liquidise it and cause it to drip out of the drain
> > Needn't worry too much about getting to the tops of the box sections as
> > usually rot through at the bottom, but thin/hot enough to spray and
> > the purpose-made cavity adapter (a long plastic tube with a nail stuffed
> > the open end) will reach anyway.  I have used clean engine oil at the
> > and rear sections of the sill where they are behind the front and rear
> > cover panels as the gap is so narrow that Waxoyl tends to bridge the gap
> > not run down adequately, even in hot sunshine.  Others have talked of
> > sealing up all the drain holes and pouring clean engine oil in the top
> > fill the sills (don't forget there is an inner and an outer cavity) then
> > draining it out.  This can be reused in other cavities (probably not the
> > engine or gearbox!) unless it has flushed out a load of water.
> >
> > PaulH.

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