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Re: wire wheels

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Subject: Re: wire wheels
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Wed, 4 May 2005 11:47:31 +0100
I've not found a tyre place near me (in the UK) with the correct adapter for
the spinner side of the wheel, although they all have the correct inner cone
for the hub side as that is what they use for mounting the centre hole of
standard steel and alloy bolt-ons.  The spinner side of the wheel needs a
special outer cone, and without they have shown me dire wobble and balance
issues on the machine that just don't happen on the hub.  In fact I've
wondered whether a spinner could be used i.e. could it be the same size and
thread?  But unlike the factory alloys on my V8 I have never had a problem
with balance with wires, and that includes removing existing weights at one
point (put on without my knowledge some time earlier) with the same tyre.
The opposite problem occurs with Rostyles.  Whilst they have a centre hole
they were never intended to be used for centre mounting on a wheel balancer
as such things hadn't been invented at the time, and the position of the
hole isn't accurate enough.  Some tyre places here have a four-stud adapter
and that is what I insist they use.

Price for 60 stainless spokes and nipples here is about 80 quid, so whoever
is charging 478 dollars is really extracting the urine!  The local tyre
place removes and replaces the tyre for me for no charge (at least I give
them some beer money, Hans :o)) and a wheel rebuilder elsewhere changes
spokes (usually need one or two per year) for a fiver.  Only takes him five
minutes, so I'm thinking of trying to get the appropriate tool and an old
wheel to practice on.  Any idea what is involved, tool-wise?


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> My local tire specialist has a computer controlled balance machine.
> It really works fine with my wired wheels as they've got proper adapters.

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