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Re: L(arge)BCs and security

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Subject: Re: L(arge)BCs and security
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 08:05:50 +0200
As another European guy:
This has more to do with the waste of energy and by this creating too much 
pollution compared with more commonly used type of cars according to this 
It is not only Land Rovers overhere, which are getting bad names, but 
typical fashion cars like these like Range Rover, Toyota Land Cruiser, 
Hummer, Nissan Patrol, big pickup trucks etc.
These cars are too big, consume unneeded amounts of fuel for transporting 
(often) one person and are experienced as an obstacle in the small town 
center streets overhere.
Most of these are 4x4, but never driven offroad.

In the Netherlands we currently have another negative lobby recently 
started: cruisade against diesel cars. Our country appears one of Europe's 
most polluted areas. "Fine dust" which derives from the smog out of the 
diesel car's exhaust are contributing a lot to this.
I must admit when I kick the accelerator a bit to quickly, my Audi A6 diesel 
generates a big smoke from the exhaust. Even when the automatic gear changes 
to a lower gear when overtaking creates this as well - I cannot avoid this 

For this issue the usage of LPG maybe the solution. I have seen several MG's 
which have been converted to this fuel running without a problem.
Bio-diesel is another option.
Modern diesel cars can be converted to drive in this environmental friendly 
Stupid thing is, that this stuff is almost not available overhere. (oil 
company lobby?)
Smells a bit like the oil used for frying snacks......



'71 BGT
Audi A6 Avant 1.9 TDI

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>   Are the UK/European versions of the Land Rovers notorious polluters 
> and/or gas hogs?
>    Regards,
>     CR
> Paul Hunt wrote:
>> Yesterday Greenpeace invaded the Land Rover plant here in Solihull.  The
>> chained themselves to several of the biggest Range Rovers and brought all
>> production to a halt for several hours.  They put 'Climate Criminal' tape
>> around the display of vehicles at the factory gate, and hoisted their own
>> 'Climate Criminal' flag over the plant in place of the usual flag.

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