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Re: L(arge)BCs and security

Subject: Re: L(arge)BCs and security
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Wed, 18 May 2005 15:00:05 -0400
  This week's  The Economist, cover date May 14-20th, 
has a three-page article on bio-fuels, maize ethanol, peanut oil,
rapeseed oil, soya oil, sugar-cane ethanol, and various mixes for sale in
USA, Canada, Germany and Austria.  
    Some of the blends mentioned:  E10, 10% ethanol 90% gasoline;  E85,
85% ethanol 15% gasoline, B2 , 2% bio-oil 98% diesel, B5, 5% bio-oil 95%
    It mentions that removal of the sulphur from diesel makes it less
slippery, to the detriment of injectors, but the addition of bio-oils
makes it more slippery.

On Wed, 18 May 2005 08:05:50 +0200 Hans Duinhoven <>
> In the Netherlands we currently have another negative lobby recently  
> started: cruisade against diesel cars. Our country appears one of 
> Europe's  most polluted areas. "Fine dust" which derives from the smog
out of 
> the  diesel car's exhaust are contributing a lot to this.
> I must admit when I kick the accelerator a bit to quickly, my Audi 
> A6 diesel  generates a big smoke from the exhaust. Even when the
automatic gear 
> changes  to a lower gear when overtaking creates this as well - I
> avoid this  always.
> For this issue the usage of LPG maybe the solution. I have seen 
> several MG's  which have been converted to this fuel running without a
> Bio-diesel is another option.
> Modern diesel cars can be converted to drive in this environmental 
> friendly  fuel. Stupid thing is, that this stuff is almost not
available overhere. 
> (oil  company lobby?)
> Smells a bit like the oil used for frying snacks......
> Cheers,
> Hans
> '71 BGT
> Audi A6 Avant 1.9 TDI

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