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Re: L(arge)BCs and security

Subject: Re: L(arge)BCs and security
Date: Fri, 20 May 2005 16:11:30 EDT
In a message dated 5/18/2005 12:07:56 A.M. Mountain Daylight Time, writes:

For this  issue the usage of LPG maybe the solution. I have seen several MG's 
which  have been converted to this fuel running without a  problem.

I would think you would lose a great deal of the trunk space for the fuel  
tank, or have a very limited range.  I guess if you used propane barbeque  
tanks, you could fill up at every home improvement store, but the cost  would 
be astronomical and there is the issue of road tax avoidance.
For many years here in El Paso it was very popular to convert pick up  trucks 
to LPG.  The tank covered about 20% of the front of the bed, but had  
excellent range, even though the mpg was less with LPG.  Then incentive  here 
was the 
ability to cross the border into Mexico and purchase LPG, primarily  used 
there as home heating and cooking fuel, at a government subsidized price of  
a gallon.  This was when our fuel was $.75-.95 a gallon.  Big  Savings, but 
the Mexican government caught on and restricted the sale to Mexican  citizens.
I understand the fuel burns much cleaner than gasoline and oil change  
intervals can be extended.
Robert Houston

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