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Re: L(arge)BCs and security

To: Paul Hunt <>
Subject: Re: L(arge)BCs and security
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2005 21:19:33 +0200
Just to tease you a bit more:
In the Netherlands cars built before I think 1975 do not need to comply to any
emmission regulation.
My '71 GT would not pass @ all!



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  Holland got a rolling 25 year exemption?  Lucky devil, this poxy Labour
Government scrapped that when they first came to power and fixed it at 1st
January 73.  Luckily the roadster snuck through, as although it was only
registered in June 1973 it was built in September 72.  My Mum wasn't so lucky,
her Mini which she received in February 73 was only built 2 weeks earlier!
The V8 would have been tax-exempt by now if we still had the rolling system,
and swings and roundabouts being what they are the V8 just 'snuck out' of
being emissions exempt, the cut-off is 1st August 75, but for first use and
not manufacture.  It was built in May but not registered until November :o(.
Just had the V8 MOT'd.  It runs best at about 6% CO whereas the limit is 4.5%,
so I weaken it a bit for the test and the print-out usually says about 3% for
CO and several hundred for HC where the limit is 1200.  This time it said
0.93% for CO and 85 for HC!  I have a sympathetic tester, I think he put the
probe in the intake instead of the exhaust.
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    As most MGB's are over 25 years old now, the road tax is not applicable
for these.

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