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Re: L(arge)BCs and security

Subject: Re: L(arge)BCs and security
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Sat, 21 May 2005 13:35:48 +0200
Yes the LPG tanks would not be a big one, but one can do some 150 miles with it 
I assume looking to the LPG equipped GT's I've seen. Normal MGB's have much 
more restricted space for a tank.
A GT still would have some decent loading space left.

LPG is very clean compared with normal gas (petrol for Paul).
I've had two cars running on LPG (both Peugeot 505's in the eighties).
A big boot helps to place the tank wwithout losing to much space.
The valve seats need to be hardened, which also is needed to do when running on 
unleaded fuel. 
Conversion to LPG must be done by a professional. Safety is very important here.
Overhere converted cars must be tested and retaxed by the officials.
As most MGB's are over 25 years old now, the road tax is not applicable for 
This counts for LPG fuel classics as well.

As for MG's LPG tanks are to be kept small.
But a very popular conversion to LPG classics is for the big muscle USA 
All these power machnies run on LPG - as the normal fuel consumption leads to 
astronomous fuel bills.



'71 BGT

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    For this issue the usage of LPG maybe the solution. I have seen several 
    which have been converted to this fuel running without a problem.

  I would think you would lose a great deal of the trunk space for the fuel 
tank, or have a very limited range.  I guess if you used propane barbeque grill 
tanks, you could fill up at every home improvement store, but the cost would be 
astronomical and there is the issue of road tax avoidance.

  For many years here in El Paso it was very popular to convert pick up trucks 
to LPG.  The tank covered about 20% of the front of the bed, but had excellent 
range, even though the mpg was less with LPG.  Then incentive here was the 
ability to cross the border into Mexico and purchase LPG, primarily used there 
as home heating and cooking fuel, at a government subsidized price of $.17 a 
gallon.  This was when our fuel was $.75-.95 a gallon.  Big Savings, but the 
Mexican government caught on and restricted the sale to Mexican citizens.

  I understand the fuel burns much cleaner than gasoline and oil change 
intervals can be extended.

  Robert Houston

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