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Re: Rear End/Axle

To: bill <>, Randy Widman
Subject: Re: Rear End/Axle
From: Hans Duinhoven <>
Date: Sun, 29 May 2005 21:50:45 +0200
I think these ratchet sizes are world wide the same (the square part I 
Reason why - both my metric as unc size sockets do fit on the the same 
I've seen three sizes of ratchets sofar - don't have the big one though.
I rarely need these - only the very big nuts use these - I needed it once 
and borrowed a set from a friend for tightening the rear wheel baering of my 



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Subject: RE: Rear End/Axle

> We call it a rachet(pronounced ratchit) or drive.  Your English is much
> superior to my Dutch.  Quick question- how do you size sockets in Europe?
> We have 1/4", 1/2" rachets, what do you use in Europe (and the rest of the
> world)?
> Best,
> Bill
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> On my '71 BGT the socket wrench arm (is this the right word?) just fits 
> into
> the hole of the the drain/fill plugs.
> Cheers,
> Hans
> '71 BGT NRG

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