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Re: oil consumption

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Subject: Re: oil consumption
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Fri, 8 Jul 2005 09:23:44 +0100
As another has asked what consumption are you getting?  On my 73 motor of
indeterminate mileage but 45k in my ownership I get about 2000 miles from
Max to Min, although I top up when it drops half-way.  Were the bores honed?
What oil are you using?  It's said that synthetics won't allow the rings and
bores to 'bed in', you should be using a conventional 20W/50 mineral.  60psi
is normal for running but I'd say 20psi idling is very much on the low side
for a rebuilt engine.  Mine usually idles at about 40-50psi unless the
weather is hot (in UK terms) and I am stuck in traffic for a long time when
I have never seen it drop below 25psi.  Fluttering at certain combinations
of revs and temperature is normal, it is just the relief valve oscillating.
Early cars used to experience it much more until a sintered plug was fitted
to the gauge in a partially successful attempt to smooth them out.  Changing
any of the factors in the system could well stop it, or simply move it to a
different combination of revs and temperature.


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> I rebuilt the motor on my 73 B last fall. Put about 2000 miles on the
rebuilt motor and have noticed concerning oil consumption. the motor was
entirely rebuilt with new rings, valves, bearing, gaskets seals ect. The
block was boared and all set up professionally. I have noticed increased oil
consumption, but no blue smoke or any kind of gasket leaking under the car.
The car is clean and oil free underneath. some one suggested that possibly
the rings take time to seat which causes extra oil consumption. I am running
over 60psi on the oil pressure gague, but at idle the pressure fall to
20psi. occasionally the gague bounces up and down like a flutter.

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