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RE: Rear axle

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Subject: RE: Rear axle
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Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 09:18:45 -0700

That's a good question.  I guess it is feasible to drop the rear end low
enough for the gear set to clear the fuel tank, but I don't know of
anyone who has done it that way.  Dropping the rear spring hangers would
allow the rear end to swing down enough to clear, but I can't imagine
working under the car is going to be any fun, even on a lift.

Spreading the case, with the correct tool, or brute force and ignorance
isn't what I would call a recreational activity with the fuel tank
brushing your head.  

The amount of work necessary to remove the axle assembly is very little
more once the rear shackles are dropped.  Then you can drop the assembly
off at the shop for them to reset at their convenience.  

Let me know how the gear set ends up, as I'm looking to use this gear
set in my car too.

Kelvin Dodd

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> Please can someone answer this......
> I had Satur 3.07 gears fitted to my 1970 MGB GT - done by
professionals in
> 1999 (huh!) and my recent test drive reveals horrendous whining.  Can
> problems be done with the axle in situ - or do I have to take out the
> axle (please no...!)   I cannot get anyone here to tackle it they are
> booked up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> Regards
> Barrie Robinson

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