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What kind of top do you recommend?

Subject: What kind of top do you recommend?
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 07:40:09 -0700
I need to replace the top on my B.

In looking thru all the catalogs I see them advertised as:
1) Vinyl
2) Robbins Vinyl
3) Everflex (Vinyl?) much more expensive
4) Stayfast Canvas (again more expensive)
5) "Cloth" (Victoria British)  (I kind of assumed by the price this was
6) Cabriolet (apparently is the Stayfast with a liner but big $$$)
7) "OE" style

I am leaning towards the Stayfast since it looks nice and the Roadster
Factory has a good price on them (better than others).

A)  Any advice on which will last better/longer ?
B)  Does the Stayfast keep it's nice look?
C)  Where is the best places to buy them.

Any other advice is appreciated

John Hed
(253) 334-6779

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