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Re: What kind of top do you recommend?

Subject: Re: What kind of top do you recommend?
From: "Andrew B. Lundgren" <>
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 10:29:47 -0600
I  put a mohair canvas on my B.  I love the top. 

No $ interest.  I got mine from :

*** wrote:
> I need to replace the top on my B.
> In looking thru all the catalogs I see them advertised as:
> 1) Vinyl
> 2) Robbins Vinyl
> 3) Everflex (Vinyl?) much more expensive
> 4) Stayfast Canvas (again more expensive)
> 5) "Cloth" (Victoria British)  (I kind of assumed by the price this was
> Stayfast)
> 6) Cabriolet (apparently is the Stayfast with a liner but big $$$)
> 7) "OE" style
> I am leaning towards the Stayfast since it looks nice and the Roadster
> Factory has a good price on them (better than others).
> A)  Any advice on which will last better/longer ?
> B)  Does the Stayfast keep it's nice look?
> C)  Where is the best places to buy them.
> Any other advice is appreciated

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