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Re: What kind of top do you recommend?

Subject: Re: What kind of top do you recommend?
From: David Breneman <>
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 08:44:24 -0700 (PDT)
--- wrote:

> A)  Any advice on which will last better/longer ?
> B)  Does the Stayfast keep it's nice look?
> C)  Where is the best places to buy them.

John - I put a Moss Stayfast top on my MGA when I
resored it and I haven't regretted the extra expense.
It really looks nice.  So nice, it's been suggested
that I show the car with the top up.  It's only
been two years, but so far it's still very flexible
and looks like new.  There are some pictures of
it here: .
Unfortunately, I've never bothered to take a really
good picture of the car with the top up; I should.
I had the top fitted by a local upholstery/top
shop.  They didn't mind using s supplied top.  They
also installed the Moss seat covers.  The MGA top is
trickier to install than the MGA top, and their
price was reasonable, so I considered it good
insurance that I wouldn;t botch the job.  I can
really reccommend the Stayfast top from Moss.

David Breneman
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