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RE: Crack of doom?

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Subject: RE: Crack of doom?
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Thread-topic: Crack of doom?

Unfortunately your '79 is particularly susceptible as the steel used in
the later cars doesn't hold up as well as the early cars.

My '78 has a 3" rip on the driver's door that will need to be repaired.
The doors should be carefully examined as the crack initiates at the
junction of the outer wipe mounting flange and the vent window mounting
surface. I can pretty much guarantee there will be a crack forming on
even the best looking door. A close look at how the metal was formed
shows a sharp unsupported transition between the two structurally strong
forms. Any flexing of the door skin is transmitted to this weak area and
the stress riser where the metal was folded during stamping will
initiate failure.

The initiator of the crack has nothing to do with door mirrors, vent
window alignment or sitting on the door tops. These are just causes of
flex which the door design should be able to handle if it wasn't for the
problem at the door top transition.


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Is the 'Crack of Doom' common to all MGBs? Is my '79 susceptible, or was
eventually cured by manufacturing changes?

Howard Battan
'54 TF
'57 A
'79 B

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