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[Mgs] Reality, was:Oil Article

To: MG List <>, Eric Erickson <>
Subject: [Mgs] Reality, was:Oil Article
From: Rick Lindsay <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 05:36:54 -0800 (PST)
I guess a good question to ask Eric is; How often do you rebuild the engine?

Some might argue that an engine needs to only last until the end of the victory 
lap.  We must be careful to not mix purposes, apples and oranges.

And more importantly (and this will get me in trouble), we're comparing new 
precision machines to MGs and Triumphs.  That's like comparing Intel quad-cores 
to VIC20s.  Our old MG and Triumph engines, while we love them for their 
simplicity, are little more than farm implement power supplies.  Their 
manufacturing tolerances are loose and compensated for with heavy robustness 
and wearing-in.  This whole thread started with a set of galled lifter faces.  
That all but NEVER happens with modern engines.  And its not differences in 
oil.  Its differences in materials and design.  We have to face it.  No matter 
how much we love our old British hardware, its just old-school machinery.  
That's what I love about it!


--- On Thu, 1/15/09, Eric Erickson <> wrote:

> From: Eric Erickson <>
> Subject: Re: [Mgs] Oil Article
> To: "MG List" <>
> Date: Thursday, January 15, 2009, 6:45 AM
> Charles & Peggy Robinson wrote:
> >  Hi Eric,
> > 
> >   I've seen this before on racing cam installation
> sheets.  A more 
> > convoluted procedure than the instructions for
> installing hop-up cams in 
> > street engines when I ran a hot rod shop but the same
> Idea for ensuring 
> > cam longevity. I wonder what the sheets look like that
> come with roller 
> > cams.
> > 
> >    In the case of your rebuild was the procedure
> followed to the 
> > letter?  Changing those valve springs round is a real
> > 
> Hey - I am a simple man.
> Drop engine in car at the last minute (always the day
> before I really 
> need it).
> Drive 45 minutes to the racetrack (gentle run in).
> Thrash the car around the racetrack in competition while my
> mechanic hid 
> his eyes and blocked his ears and wondered what I
> didn't understand 
> about his instruction to try not to take it over 5000 revs
> this time!
> Red mist and a passing car (or one just up ahead) seems to
> obscurte the 
> tacho when you are out on the racetrack!
> Never had an issue with that method of running in a new
> engine and its 
> components!
> :-)
> Eric
> Adelaide, South Australia
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