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Re: [Mgs] Reality, was:Oil Article

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Subject: Re: [Mgs] Reality, was:Oil Article
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2009 00:45:59 +1030
Rick Lindsay wrote:
> I guess a good question to ask Eric is; How often do you rebuild the engine?

Seriously - about every three or so years.

> Some might argue that an engine needs to only last until the end of the 
>victory lap.  

Seriously - I did what I suggested ONCE (it was important I hit that 
track that day winning wasn't absolutely necessary but always desirable).

My new engines (rebuilds) are generally run in on the dyno because if 
they don't hit the dyno first it generally isn't worth hitting the 
track.  But it was fun watching my mechanic squirm - and that engine 
lasted well for almost four years after that until strangely enough I 
scorched a valve very badly and then found some nasty broken pistons 
when I pulled it apart.

I was just trying to lighten the mood - but I really don't go through 
anywhere near the strict regimen that I posted earlier and my engines 
survive some beating afterwards.

 > > while we love them for their simplicity, are little more than farm 
implement power supplies.  Their manufacturing tolerances are loose and 
compensated for with heavy robustness and wearing-in.

It was true how that engine finally died - and indeed it didn't "blow 
up" on me... I drove it home from the track and as far as I am aware it 
has been rebuilt and it lives on as the heart of a much loved (and 
gently run) street machine.  I could not kill one of these lumps of iron 
and I tried.

But you are still going to get into trouble for saying that!

My new engine (coming real soon) though will be a far different story. 
Taking out to silly tolerances I reckon even I will be able to destroy 
this one!

Now, where is my tractor...?

PS Rick, just a month or so until the Melbourne F1 GP - run in the 
evening this time!

Adelaide, South Australia
Support Team.Net

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