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Yep, another post about the brake system.  I've read countless pages on the
Tiger brake system, but still seem stymied.  I'm building a mostly stock
tiger, with a mild mannered 260 meant to be a weekender.  Can't say I'll
always stick to the speed limit, but I don't plan on pushing it too hard.
Stock cast heads, intake, manifolds etc should lead to a front heavy car.  I'm
bypassing the servo to save myself the headache and am building a manual brake
system aimed at reliability and ease of use.I'll be using Tom Hall's 6:1 brake
pedal with the Wilwood dual MC that he set me up with.  Other than that, it
will be a stock system.  Rebuilt stock calipers in front, stock drums in the
rear.  I'll hope to eventually be running Panasport Minilite 15" rims, 6" in
front, 7" in rear (in the vicinity of 195 front and 205 rear).  I have run
this plan by several knowledgeable Tiger experts, and they all say that with a
set of Carbon Kevlar pads this system should do me just fine.However, being
the perfectionist I am, I wanted to double check and see if i need to over
build this thing... Which brings us to my question:  I'm very curious about if
I need a metering valve, a check valve or a portioning valve in the system I'm
building.  I'm tempted to put a combination valve in the system, but I'm
wondering if it's just too much.  Also, I'm a bit confused about what fluid to
use in this system.  Thoughts? Comments, questions and concerns more than
welcome.Thanks,KarlB9470519 Mk1


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