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Date: Tue, 14 May 2013 22:33:21 -0400
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In response to Karl Adey's post, some thoughts on brakes and some
observations based on experience. Regarding the dual master cylinder, no
practical experience. The dual Wilwood, if memory serves, has something
like a 1" diameter bore. This may cause braking issues with the stock Tiger
brakes. I haven't done it, so I have no practical experience.

First the proportioner: I'd suggest using one because you want the bulk of
the braking to be on the front brakes. Granted the rear drum brakes are
somewhat anemic, but you may find some handling issues with too much
pressure to the rear. Again, I haven't done it, so I'm speculating.

What I did do was bypass the Girling booster - out of necessity - using the
stock Lucas 7/8" bore single master cylinder. The pedal feel was so hard
the car - to me - was almost undrivable. I ended up buying a 3/4" bore
master cylinder from C.A.T. which worked well. When I reinstalled the
Girling I stayed with the 3/4" bore master; the braking is, imho,
excellent. A much better feel than the 7/8" bore cylinder.

When Tim Suddard wrote about the Wilwood brake conversion in Classic
Motorsports I had some conversation with Wilwood management on the
conversion. I'm told the Wilwood masters are designed for use with Wilwood
calipers front and (preferably) rear. They have a lot more volume, I'm
told, than the stock front Tiger calipers, and certainly a lot more volume
than the single piston rear brake cylinders. Summit Racing carries the
Wilwood front brake kits  for the Tiger. Dale A. sells rear disk brake
kits. My point: the Wilwood dual master cylinders may be overkill for the
stock Tiger braking system. As a result the pedal feel may be really really

'67 Mark 2


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