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Re: Gas Mileage

Subject: Re: Gas Mileage
Date: Sat, 10 Feb 2001 06:45:40 EST
Perhaps someone on the list knows the answer - it has been too many years for 
me to swear that I remember correctly. I seem to recall that on Otto cycle 
farm tractors under heavy load, such as plowing, users were advised to shift 
up so that more throttle was required to achieve the same forward speed. This 
achieved better volumetric efficiency. Tractors of course have governors and 
are somewhat different from roadsters but the same principles probably apply.
I do positively remember comments of a close business associate who was in 
charge of our corporate truck fleet at the time of enactment of the 55mph 
speed limit. He stated that due to gearing designed for 70mph highway speeds 
the fleet was getting considerably worse mpg at 55mph than at 70. 
FWIW Larry

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