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To: "Thomas Walter" <>,
Subject: Re: Thanks
From: "James M Koken" <>
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 11:40:23 -0700
theres some 2 litre rods on ebay. Maybe we can all refrain from bidding so
mike can get them at a reasonable price!
Mike Koken
Colo Springs
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Subject: Re: Thanks

> Mike,
> How many connecting rods do you need?
> I seem to recall having THREE w/pistons.  Don't ask, but years back
> when I bought my 67 2000 it came with a spare block. Block had
> four out of five main caps, and with three pistons & rods.  This
> was the guy who "rebuilt" the engine with every other screw, nut,
> and bolt missing.  Uh huh.
> I'll be glad to send them out your way. You get to reimburse me
> for shipping them, then figure out how much they are worth to you...
> then write a check out to the "American Cancer Society". Simple enough?
> Let me know, and I'll start digging around for them. Did you have your
> old connecting rods machined for the Chevy rod bolts?
> If anyone WANTS a U20 block with only four main caps... err, let me
> know. The block might only be at STD as the previous owner had the
> pistons knurled to refit the block. No, I don't recommend that either.
> Cheers,
> Tom Walter
> > I have an extra crank but no more 2L con rods. Does anyone have some
> > would like to sell at a reasonable price? My neighbor who is a Porsche
> > mechanic looked at the 2 I pulled, well the big end bottoms, and told me
> > they were goners.

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